Benefits of Rice bran oil
Benefits of Rice bran oil
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Rice Bran Oil is the oil extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after chaff, also known as rice husk. It has a mild flavour to it and is suitable for high temperature cooking methods. Several Asian countries including Bangladesh, India, Japan and China popularly use it as cooking oil. It is mostly used for deep frying and stir fry cooking.

It is the healthiest edible oil which contains vitamins, antioxidants and is trans-fat free. It is very beneficial for overall health because of high content of vitamin E, fatty acid balance, and antioxidant capacity and helps lowering the cholesterol.

Rice Bran Oil has wonderful benefits on our health –
1.Rice Bran Oil contains Vitamin E


Rice Bran Oil contains high density of Tocotrienols which is a part of the vitamin E family. As vitamin E helps in preventing cancer, it also keeps cardiovascular system, hair, skin and nails healthy.

2 .Rice Bran Oil contains Oryzanol

It contains a good amount of antioxidants known as Oryzanol which helps in reducing LDL cholesterol level and total cholesterol. It increases cholesterol elimination and it benefits the heart.

3.Healthy Heart

Cholesterol is one of the main reasons for getting heart diseases. Since rice bran oil decreases cholesterol levels, therefore it will protect building up of plague in and on the artery. This is also known as Atherosclerosis.

4.Healthy Skin

Rice Bran Oil contains compounds like squalene, which lubricates the skin and aids in its protection. Many ladies in Japan apply rice bran oil directly to the skin, as it helps in making the skin soft and supple. Therefore, Japanese ladies are also known as ‘Rice Bran Beauties’.

5.Aids in weight loss 

Saturated fats are created by pumping hydrogen molecules in vegetable oils. This changes the chemical structure of oil, changing it from liquid to solid. But rice bran oil does not have saturated fats and this helps in weight loss.

6.Relief in menopausal symptoms 

It’s time you introduce Rice Bran Oil to your diet routine for a healthy heart and healthier lifestyle. It not only helps you stay fit but also prevents diseases because of its amazing nutritive properties; and it’s also hypoallergenic, lactose-free and is naturally gluten-free oil which is a pure health package for life!
Since Rice Bran Oil contains Oryzanol, it helps in reducing hot flashes, night sweats, depression, emotional stress, loss of bone density and other symptoms.

After doing an extensive research about Rice Bran Oil and knowing its benefits in detail, we should incorporate Rice Bran Oil in our daily diet for a healthy lifestyle.

I enjoyed researching and learning about Rice Bran Oil, you should too. Stayed tuned for more informative articles on Rice Bran Oil!



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